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Pink Shirt Day

Laurencrest supports the Boys & Girls Club of Cornwall/SDG on their annual Pink Shirt Day!

DAP/CSO Programs

Direct Accountability Program (DAP) Adult-Diversion Since its initiation in March 2011, there have been 1,167 cases dealt with through the Direct Accountability Program. To date, DAP has collected over $175,000 in restitutions, as well as $78,000 in donations made to various locations across the community. ____________________________________________________________________ Community Service Order (CSO) Adult Program Initiated in January […]

COVID-19 Wellness Kit

Please click below for COVID-19 Wellness Kits, including tools and resources to support you and your mental health during the pandemic. COVID-19 Wellness Kit (English)COVID-19 Kit Bien-Être (Français)

COVID-19 Visitor Guide

We wish to assure everyone that despite the on-going pandemic and constantly evolving situation we find ourselves in, Laurencrest remains open and is currently operating under strict rules and guidelines, all of which comply with Provincial and Federal legislation. Laurencrest is taking careful precautions with regards to everyone’s health and safety whenever they are at […]

Ugly Christmas T’s

Our staff and residents were hard at work today, showing off their artistic talent and holiday spirit by decorating some Ugly Christmas Shirts together. Good job everyone!

Smile Cookie Campaign

Laurencrest Youth Services Inc. supports the Boys & Girls Club of Cornwall/SDG with their Smile Cookie Campaign!

A word from our President

June 25th, 2020 I would like to take this time to thank the Staff and Management at Laurencrest for all their hard work this past year.  As we all know 2020 has presented several challenges in regards to Government funding concerns and the Covid-19 pandemic. As a board we could not be prouder of how each […]

Boys & Girls Club Golf Tournament

Laurencrest Youth Services Inc. staff and youth offer help every year ensuring golf bags are retrieved and placed on corresponding golf carts.  Nice work!

52 years of service

After 52 years of services, Laurencrest Youth Services Inc. has helped over 11,181 youth in our community-based and residential programs. 

Youth Wellness Hub

UPDATE: The Youth Hub provides support by text, by telephone, on the web, and in person (walk-ins accepted). Primary care services are immediately available, along with many more community and social services. The Hub also includes peer services and system navigation services, all delivered in a timely and integrated manner from one central hub. No […]