Comfort Zone

UPDATE: The Comfort Zone program is currently on hold due to COVID-19. We are hopeful that our services will be up and running again once the COVID restrictions have been lifted.


Kevin Lajoie, Public Information Coordinator, of The City of Cornwall hosted a Spring Clean-Up Event. In collaboration with Mr. Lajoie, Laurencrest Youth Services Inc. and the Laurencrest Comfort Zone Program participated in the Spring Clean-Up.

As a pre-emptive gesture in support of such a civic minded event, thirteen youth and three mentors affiliated with Laurencrest Youth Services Inc., The Comfort Zone Program, and St. Matthew Catholic Secondary High School dedicated 4 hours cleaning up at both the Lamoureux Park, the St. Lawrence River shoreline and the Marina 200. Lots of hard work, comradery and a connection to our community was rewarded with a heavy dose of pizza afterward.  Congrats to everyone involved!

Laurencrest Youth Services Inc. is also pleased to announce a second Comfort Zone location!  Principal Joy Martel and VP Walter MacDonald have kindly offered St. Matthew Catholic Secondary High School as our second site, which will run on Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 3 to 6 PM. Location diversity helps break down demographic obstacles for youth trying to access Comfort Zone programming.  Thank you to St. Matthew’s and TR Leger schools for assisting in the privilege of supporting the youth in our community.

Youth and their Mentors at the Comfort Zone Program would like to give a big “TWO-THUMBS UP” to Mr. Jason Christoff, owner of Physical Limits, and Mr. Jason Dennis, owner of Summit Gym, for giving the group access to their facilities.